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water leaks are an ongoing challenge for property owners across Toronto. When water leaks through a flat roof, the problem is likely related to the flashing, as well as the outer surface. All flat roof systems require an effective moisture barrier to ensure structural performance. Even the smallest breakage in the barrier can cause significant leaks. An expert roofer can usually find the source of a leak pretty quickly and, fortunately, most flat roof systems are easy to lift, fix and replace.


When performing any type of rubber roof repair it is imperative to use a product that is capable of forming a permanent bond with the rubber surface. Just as importantly, in order for such rubber roof repair to be long lasting, the product chosen should not cause any additional damage to the surface of the roof. Many products on the market can create a solid bond, but their chemical composition can have a detrimental effect on the roof, leading to further problems down the road. Other rubber repair products take an inordinate amount of time to prepare the surface, requiring major clean up and slow acting primers to make the products work. Even with that, they are not long lasting, are expensive and are exclusive to rubber roofing, and useless for much else.


SunLeafRoofing provides professional repair or replacement which can increase your property value. People want to know they are buying a home with a well maintained exterior. Roofs are an important part of this. People do not want to buy a home where they will need to replace this major component soon after the purchase. So, if you have it professionally repaired or replaced, it can add value to your home. People will appreciate the care you have taken for this important, and expensive, part of your home.

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